What’s New-April 2008


It’s been busy around here that last few months. My son is finding less time to assist with the website so updating the site has become a bit of a chore. I plan on taking a crash course in Dreamweaver at some point to keep things more up to date. I decided to give the Mozambique Leopards a break last year because the females where over producing. I plan on breeding few this year but I will need to keep the numbers manageable. I’m selling a few holdback males that are very light in coloration and they should produce some nice babies for anyone wanting to lighten up their genes. I would like to thank everyone who visits the site and please drop me a line if there is a particular species that I breed that you would like to be on the waiting list for.



Our Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoots have been producing very well. I have several unrelated bloodlines and I am usually able to sex them within a few weeks of hatching. Brazilians are a nice Redfoot to work with if you are short on space. I have a couple of Sri Lankan Stars that I am selling off for those of you interested in this variety. My adults come from several sources and two females are unrelated to any other animals in the U.S. My babies get better with every new growth ring. Take a look at my breeder page to see what the babies will look like when they mature. I just posted some photos of some subadult male South African Leopard Tortoises. These animals are unrelated to each other. They were not produced by me. They are very personable and make great pets put they do get much larger than the Mozambique Leopards. I’m all sold out of Turkish Greeks for the moment and probably won’t have new babies till the fall.


Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Leopard Geckos

We have a few exceptional females from 2006 and a few males from 2005 that are still available. Several eggs are in the incubator. I may be getting away from breeding leopards so I may be interested in selling groups of babies this year.


Australian Barking Geckos

This is one gecko that is probably better known by its scientific name of Underwoodisaurus milii. We sold a few babies this year but the heat also took a toll on this species. We are interested in trading for another blood line so if you have this species drop us a line. We hope to be back on track next year.


Red Phase Spiny Tailed Monitors (Varanus a. acanthurus)

No babies expected this year.


Greyband Kingsnakes

Our adults just came out of hibernation. I have a few nice holdbacks fro 07 that are feeding well enough yet for sale. I will be posting photos of them as soon as they are eating unscented pinkies


Mandarin Ratsnakes

The heat set this project back in a big way. No babies will be produced this year. We hope to sell a few males in 2009.



Female South African Leopard Tortoise. Size is not important; it just needs to be a female. I wouldn’t mind adding another nice female Mandarin Ratsnake to our breeding group. I’m always willing to listen to trades for animals on my wanted list.


Got any questions?

If anyone has any questions about husbandry or breeding questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We usually respond within 24 hours. Thanks and we hope all the babies produced here last year are doing well in their new homes.


Randy & Adam