Terms & Conditions

All animals are guaranteed healthy and any abnormalities are described in as much detail as possible prior to shipping. Prices are subject to change. All orders must be pre-paid prior to shipping. Preferred payment is by Postal or bank money orders or by PayPal using our email address of tegu@pacbell.net.

Animals will be placed on hold for a maximum of seven days. If payment is not received within seven days, the animal(s) may be sold to another party. If payment is received after seven days your money will be refunded to you in full if the order cannot be filled. Please state the exact order in the letter with payment being sent to us. A copy of your email correspondence detailing your purchase with us is sufficient. Please include your shipping address and phone number which will be required for all shipping air bills. We prefer to have a person on your end available to receive your order to avoid unnecessary stress to the animals. We often ship to the local UPS or Airborne Express hubs for pick up in your area to avoid the added stress of delivery trucks. Live arrival is guaranteed, although we are not responsible for airline, UPS, or Airborne Express service delays or mishandling. All claims must be made upon receipt of animals, no exceptions. This is to be in the form of either a phone call to us or an e-mail. We cannot be responsible for poor or incorrect husbandry practices. We strongly recommend that you review our care sheets to make sure that you can provide the proper care for the type of animal(s) you purchase. We release custody of all animals shipped upon the buyers receipt and initial inspection of the animals. It is up to the purchaser to provide proper care for their animals immediately upon arrival. Shipping containers are not meant to house your animals longer than the time required to ship them. All tortoises and turtles under 4" straight line measurement are sold for scientific or educational purposes only. No animals will knowingly be sold to minors. Prices listed for animals do not include shipping costs. Animals will be shipped at our discretion using the method that is least harmful to the animals and as cost effective as possible. California residents will be required to pay 8% sales tax on all orders. California Wholesalers will need to provide proof of a resale number in order to avoid sales tax.

Money Order Payments should be made out to and sent to:

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