Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

Male 1


Male 2


Male 3


Female 1


Female 2


Female 3


Female 4


The breeding group currently consists of 3.4 adults. 2004 was the first year our females were large enough to produce eggs. So far it appears that our females are ahead of our males as far as breeding activity. Twelve eggs were produced in 2004 but only one was fertile! We hope the fertility will increase due to a new climate controlled environment that was built in 2004 and the fact that one of our males is becoming more sexually active. Two eggs that were laid in 2005 hatched in 2006. This year we will be attempting so new methods to increase our egg production and increase the fertility rate. Sri Lankans are one of our favorite tortoise species. We have taken great care to acquire only pure Sri Lankan tortoises for this project. None of our adults are related. Sri Lankans are a more delicate species so we recommend that they only be purchased by experienced tortoise keepers or people who plan to do their homework and are extremely dedicated.

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