Leopard Tortoises Breeders





_The parent stock animals were wild caught imports imported in 1995 from Mozambique, Africa. Unlike many of the Leopard Tortoises on the market, these animals are locale specific i.e. we know where they came from and they are of the same strain. Having locale specific animals contributes to higher fertility, maintains the purity of the gene pool, and minimizes the creation of mutts of unknown origin. The young characteristically have a high contrast between high yellow and black markings. This particular group consists of 1.1 unrelated adults and one unrelated sub adult male that will be bred to the offspring of the adult pair thus maintaining the purity of the strain while avoiding inbreeding. 2004 will be only the third year of breeding for this variety. 2003 hatchlings have grown as large as 4" in ten months. If you are looking for an attractive tortoise that will definitely grow to 17" or more then these are the tortoises for you. Refer to care sheet information for specific needs and requirements.

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