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Female 1


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_2005 will be the first year that we will be selling a few select super hypo tangerine carrot tail leopard geckos. We have been working hard to intensify the tangerine bodies and increasing the amount of carrot tail. This will be the first year we will be breeding back females produced by the beta male to the unrelated alpha male. This is the only leopard gecko project we currently are working on. Our goal is produce quality rather than quantity. We will not sell animals until they are large enough to be sure of their quality with regards to the intensity and amount of carrot tail. We don't bring the animals out of brumation until January so we are a little behind most breeders as far as when our first hatchings take place. As soon as the hatchlings start to color up we will be posting photos of babies for sale. There will be a very limited number of males available. Drop us a line if you have interest in these animals. You can contact us at tegu@pacbell.net. Thanks!

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