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Male 2

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_The parent stock for our Turkish Greeks were imported in 1994 and 1995. One male and two females came in 1995 and based on their coloration and shell shape they are from the same geographical area. The remaining male has a much lighter shell and more yellow on the limbs and face. There is still much to be done with the classification of this particular variety but in my opinion this lone male is definitely from a different strain than the other three. He has produced hatchlings which usually come out looking more like him than the mother. We keep the group together and they are constantly mating and they usually lay two clutches per year. The clutches vary from 2-5 eggs so far. If you are looking for a cool temperature tolerant tortoise that doesn't get too large then this is an excellent starter species. They are very hardy and I have yet to have a single incidence of respiratory problems with this species. Males are smaller than females with adults getting to around 7" and the females I have are up to 9.5" and are still growing. Babies hatched in 2000 are about 6.5". For specific information on husbandry please refer to our care sheet section on this species.

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